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Use a Yooper Scooper to clear snow this winter

I have used my Yooper Scooper quite a few times already this winter and I have to say that this is probably THE best investment I have made lately. Clearing the driveway takes a fraction of the time it used to take using the old shovel. Plus, I no longer have a sore back for two days following a session of driveway shoveling.

For the record, my driveway is crushed limestone and my Yooper Scooper glides right over it without any trouble at all. Also, I am 6′ 4″ and the handle is just right – I don’t have to stoop over to use it properly :).

Just push, tip, and dump the snow. I love it!

Save your back and save your money (by not buying a snowblower and filling it with gas) with a Yooper Scooper (as it’s called in the Upper Peninsula) or as it is more commonly known, a Snow Scoop. You simply push the scoop until it is full and then drag it to where you want to dump the snow. Repeat until your driveway is clear :).

I’m ordering my new snow scoop today in anticipation of the snowy forecast. You can either order one off of Amazon [affiliate link] – the 22″ Suncast model – or from a Michigan-based company – Silver Bear Manufacturing has their 22″ snow scoop for under $70. The Silver Bear snow scoop is highly recommended by folks who have had the same one for over 20 years – can’t argue with that!

If you are seeking ways to avoid the snow, visit this list of Indoor Water Parks in Michigan.

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