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Huge Auction of Old Farm Equipment and Tools in Buckley

Elmer Pavlis was a farmer who embraced any and all equipment that helped him do his job better and easier. He hated to see any tools or equipment go to waste and over the years collected around 6,000 different pieces. The tools and equipment became a museum, This Ole Farm Museum, in Buckley.

Elmer passed away last fall at the age of 86 and his only living child, Jeanie English, decided the best route would be an “auction to end all auctions.” The auction will being run by Humphrey’s Auction Service June 15-17. There will be an open house to preview items June 10 from 4-7 pm and on June 11 from 1-4 pm with a $10 charge.

Check out the items on the web at www.humphreysauctionservice.com.

Via the Detroit Free Press

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