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Update on Jim Dreyer’s Mackinac Straits swim

I just checked out Jim Dreyer’s website for updates on his record swim across the Straits of Mackinac this morning. The most recent post was last night at 10:08 pm.

Here is an excerpt:

Jim has been fighting a very strong current all day in the middle of the Straits. He has completed 9.5 miles and is going to swim the breaker wall for the night hours to make up some time.

I am not positive, but I believe the “breaker wall” they are talking about is the causeway that juts out into the Straits from the St. Ignace side of the bridge. I had wondered how it would be in the strong currents that the Straits of Mackinac are known for. Hopefully they will have more updates this morning.

Here is another picture from the Mackinac Bridge web cam from this morning. What a difference from the fog that laced the bridge yesterday. Should be a better day for Jim to swim.

Mackinac Bridge bathed in sunlight

Good Luck Jim!

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